25 Creative Ideas for Repurposing Old Jewelry

Over time, it’s easy to have jewelry collected in the jewelry box that you never wear. It can be a challenge figuring out what to do with inherited jewelry or jewelry that no longer sees regular use. Luckily, there are several ways to repurpose jewelry to put it to good use.

Repurposing Old Jewelry: 25 Ways To Do So

  1. Turn It Into Art: You can turn old jewelry into artwork. The components such as gems and bands can easily be repurposed as art.
  2. As a Belt Buckle: A broach or bracelet can be repurposed as a belt buckle.
  3. As Bookmarks: Chains and jewels can accessorize the ends of your bookmarks.
  4. Enhance Your Shoes: Gems and stones can be attached or threaded with your shoelaces or straps to make your shoes more striking.
  5. Traditional Bracelets: Necklaces can be made into bracelets or used to enhance existing ones.
  6. As a Camera Strap: If you own a camera, a strap is a common way of carrying it. Attaching jewelry to your camera strap can make it more unique.
  7. Christmas Wall Art: If you are feeling festive, you can shape jewels and gemstones into a Christmas tree shape for your wall art.
  8. Cuff Bracelets: Another way to make jewelry into a bracelet is to attach it to a heavier cuff bracelet.
  9. Drawer Handles: Larger gems and broaches can be used as stylish handles on drawers and other furniture.
  10. As Gift Tags: When handing out presents, stones from cheaper or costume jewelry can make your presents stand out.
  11. Jeweled Hairpins and Ties: You can reset rings and pieces of old jewelry into your hair accessories.
  12. Lampshade Trim: With some glue and time, jewelry can make your lampshades much more unique.
  13. Magnets: The jewels or gems from your old jewelry can be made into a magnet for an easy-to-use decoration.
  14. Turn a Broach Into a Ring: A broach can be made into a large ring with a few modifications.
  15. As Napkin Rings: It’s very easy to turn a bracelet or necklace into a stylish napkin ring without making many changes.
  16. Bottle Decor: Decorative bottles are a part of many homes and old jewelry can be used as pieces for such bottles.
  17. Create a New Necklace: You can turn rings or bracelets into accessories on a brand-new necklace.
  18. Decorate a Planter: You can enhance an outdoor planter with old unworn jewelry.
  19. Decorate a Purse: Another way to make your purse more memorable is to attach old jewelry such as broaches and earrings.
  20. Create Shoe Clips: A pin or broach can be clipped onto your shoe.
  21. Make Picture Frames: You can attach jewelry to existing picture frames to improve them.
  22. Enhance a Bouquet: A bouquet can be accessorized with jewelry.
  23. Bridal Cuffs: A specified use of old jewelry is to make it into unique bridal jewelry.
  24. Create a Wreath: You can enhance an old wreath.
  25. Shadowboxes: Finally, jewelry, pictures, and a reasonable frame can be made into a shadowbox.