The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Your Jewelry

Are you wondering how to clean jewelry? Have you noticed that your fine jewelry has begun to appear duller lately? Maybe your jewelry has seen better days. No matter the combination of gemstones and metals that make up your jewelry collection, all jewelry can get dirty and require repairs over time. Continue reading to learn more about cleaning and maintaining your jewelry.

Cleaning & Maintaining Your Jewelry

Cleaning Jewelry at Home

You have a couple of options when it comes to cleaning your jewelry. You can either clean it at home on your own or have it cleaned by a professional. Cleaning your jewelry keeps it looking brand new, but it also helps the jewelry stay intact. Daily wear and tear is usually the cause of dirty jewelry. For instance, wedding and engagement rings often become visibly dirty and may lose their sparkle due to build-up that comes from the daily use of lotion, soap, etc.

The safest and most effective method of cleaning your jewelry is by scrubbing it gently using a soft-bristled brush and a solution consisting of half mild dish detergent and half ammonia. Additionally, you will want to add lukewarm water. Once you have completed cleaning your diamonds, dry them carefully using a lint-free cloth, or set them out to air dry in a safe place.

Precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum can be cleaned using polish and a microfiber cloth. No matter the type of jewelry you are cleaning at home and the method you choose to use, remember that rinsing your jewelry over the sink opens you up to the risk of losing it down the drain. Always use a designated bowl to clean your diamonds.

Professional Jewelry Cleaning

Do jewelers clean jewelry? The answer to that question is yes. If your jewelry is in need of deep cleaning or you don’t feel comfortable cleaning it yourself, you can always have it cleaned by a professional jeweler. Depending on what your jewelry is made of, the jeweler may use a professional cleaner that eliminates dirt from the diamonds and other parts. Steam cleaning and buffing usually follow.

Many professional jewelry cleanings consist of a detailed inspection that will inform you of any needed repairs.

Maintaining Your Jewelry

When you are assessing your jewelry, always make sure to watch out for:

  • Worn prongs
  • Loose, chipped or cracked stones
  • Thinning ring shanks
  • Loose clasps
  • Discoloration
  • Loose earring backs

This is the best way to maintain your jewelry aside from making sure that you have it cleaned regularly. As soon as you notice a defect in your jewelry, you should make sure that you schedule to have a professional jeweler repair it before more damage occurs. Additionally, you should have your jewelry inspected by a professional at least once a year. If you wear your jewelry on a daily basis, you should have it inspected every six months instead.

Jeweller cleaning jewelry diamond ring with fabric cloth