Top 8 Resurrected Vintage Jewelry Trends 2022

Jewelry is a very personal thing. Being able to find a trend or a style that you love can be difficult. Some trends just refuse to go away, and they may be just the trend you are looking for. Here are eight vintage jewelry trends that are making a resurgence.

1. Charms

The first and easiest to get into is charms. These can be bracelet charms, necklace charms, or even charms that you put on your earrings. Vintage charms are a great way to show everyone what you love and make a statement with your jewelry choices. So, if you are wondering, “Are charms coming back in fashion?” The answer is yes.

2. Hoop Earrings

Are hoop earrings in style? Certainly. This is another trend that most people can pull off rather effortlessly. Oddly, you already have a great pair of hoops in your jewelry collection. Get them out and dust them off for a great little added twist to any outfit.

3. Silver

While platinum, gold, and other metals have long been king, silver is making a comeback. There are some great pieces that you can incorporate into your wardrobe to truly make a splash and to really amp up your style.

4. Intricate Designs

We have all seen the dainty little pieces that have so much detail we wonder how they were made. Well, those dainty and intricate pieces are back in style. You can pick up dazzling bracelets with carved detail, necklaces that stun, and so much more to hop on this trend.

5. Bold and Inspired

Another great trend for men and women is menswear-inspired pieces. These are the bold watches, the chunky rings, and the thick bracelets that look like they are for men only, but can instantly upgrade anyone’s style and any outfit.

6. Whimsical Pieces

We all love the groovy ’60s and the fashion that came from it, especially those whimsical kitschy pieces that came with it. These large colorful stones, rings shaped like animals, and much more are back with a power.

7. Serpent Band Watches

We have all had the hair on our arms pulled by a serpent band bracelet or watch before. That does not mean they are not great; they are back in style and are a great vintage look that can really help to amplify your style overall.

8. Brooches

The last trend we want to discuss is brooches. These sweater and jacket embellishments are a great way to spruce up the look of your outfit without having to do too much. They can be large or dainty, but they are never out of style.

There are so many great jewelry trends out there. The key is to find what works for you and to use that to determine what pieces you want to add to your collection.