What To Do and What To Avoid When It Comes To Cleaning Jewelry

Cleaning jewelry is not complicated, but there are some dos and don’ts to ensure you keep your pieces looking fabulous. All jewelry could benefit from periodic cleanings, whether you have necklaces or rings. Let’s explore some of the best practices for cleaning jewelry below.

Chemicals To Avoid Using To Clean Jewelry

There are certain chemicals you’ll want to avoid as they can cause damage to your jewelry.

First, avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals when cleaning gold jewelry, as they can strip away the finish. Second, steer clear of silver cleaners that contain sulfur, as they can cause pitting and discoloration. Finally, avoid commercial jewelry cleaners that contain ammonia, as they can break down certain gemstones.

If you are unsure, you can always ask your local jeweler for the best products to use. They can give you an idea of the best products to steer away from.

Does Toothpaste Clean Jewelry?

Toothpaste has a lot of versatile uses, and you might have heard that toothpaste can be used to clean jewelry, but this is a common myth. Toothpaste is abrasive and can scratch gold and silver jewelry. It’s also not gentle enough for delicate gemstones like pearls. So, you’ll want to save the toothpaste for your teeth, not your gemstones.

The Best Way To Clean Jewelry at Home

One of the best ways to clean jewelry at home is by using a mixture of warm water and dish soap. Mix a small amount of dish soap with warm water in a bowl and soak your jewelry for a few minutes. After a few minutes, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub away any dirt or grime gently. Next, rinse your jewelry well with warm water and dry it off with a soft cloth.

How Often Should I Clean My Jewelry?

You’ll want to clean your jewelry regularly to keep it looking its best. How often you clean it will depend on how often you wear it and what type of jewelry it is. For example, if you wear gold rings every day, you’ll want to give them a good cleaning at least once a week. On the other hand, fancy necklaces worn on special occasions might only need to be cleaned a few times yearly. Also, it is based on personal preference, but sometimes overcleaning can wear the jewelry.